Payroll Obligations

As an employer, you must fulfill certain obligations including payroll. Every time you pay your employee you must:

  • Record their pay for the period, including their salary/wages and any other pay such as overtime.
  • Calculate deductions such as tax, National Insurance, student loan repayments and employee pension contributions.
  • Calculate the amount of employer’s NI to be paid.
  • Produce and provide payslips to each employee.
  • Report their pay and deductions to HMRC by submitting an FPS (Full Payment Submission) to HMRC.

By the 19th of the next tax month you should claim any reduction on what you owe to HMRC, e.g. for statutory pay, by submitting an EPS (Employer Payment Summary) to HMRC.

By the 22nd of the month (19th if paying by post) of the month you should pay any amount owing to HMRC for the previous tax month e.g. liabilities for month to 5th April should be paid by 22nd April.

At the end of the tax year you will need to prepare and provide P60s for each employee and submit an annual declaration to HMRC.payroll fareham

How can we help with your payroll?

 Expert support and advice

 Prepare and file your weekly/monthly/annual reports

 Prepare and provide payslips to your employees

 Ensure compliance with HMRC

 Calculate and advise on amounts due to HMRC and when they are due

 Deal directly with HMRC on your behalf


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