Why do I need to prepare bookkeeping?

Up to date bookkeeping enables you to:

  • keep track of your income and expenditure
  • see who owes you money and chase payment accordingly
  • keep track of payments owed to your suppliers
  • monitor your business activity to ensure it is running efficiently
  • estimate taxes due to avoid any nasty surprisesbookkeeping fareham

How can we help with your bookkeeping?

Record your income, expenses and bank activity on a monthly/quarterly basis

 Monthly/quarterly reminders to send your relevant information to us

Provide monthly/quarterly debtor and creditor reports showing what is owed to/by the business

Provide periodic Profit and Loss and balance sheet reports so you can see how your business is performing

Take away the hassle from you so you can focus on running your business, or just saving you from spending your evenings doing it yourself

Stress free process

Ensure your records are up to a good standard, which is vital if you ever get an inspection from HMRC


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